Why I Will Never Use an Ouija Board

Satuday Evening Post Ouija BoardThis post has been migrated over from my old blog, which I am in the process of winding down. 

I am sure all of you have heard of Ouija boards. If you haven’t you can educate yourself by stopping by your local toy store and checking out the “toy” ones they likely have on display. Once when I was at Toys R Us I saw a glow-in-the-dark pink Ouija board that was obviously target at preteen girls. Trust me, though, if one of my kids showed up with a new Ouija board as a fun, recreational tool I would take them right back to the store to return it.

Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that Ouija boards (or spirit boards, as they were originally called) are inherently evil. I do, however, think they can become a very dangerous tool. Many people have used Ouija boards and have had little to nothing happen. The poet James Merrill claimed to have written the poem “The Changing Light at Sandover” using an Ouija board for direction. Other people, though, have had some downright frightening or dangerous experiences using a board.
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