What is an Ultraterrestrial?

This post originally appeared on my old blog, but has been relocated here. 

Most people are familiar with the term extraterrestrial, which refers to beings that are not from this planet. The term “ultraterrestrial” is less familiar to the general public. In fact, right now my spell checker is having fits over my use of the term.

An ultraterrestrial is a fantastic and superior life form–a being–that is not from outer space, but in fact comes from Earth. These creatures could live among humanity, or as some theorize they could live under the surface of the Earth or in other dimensions we cannot yet fully perceive. This requires some explaining, so read on.

First off, these ultraterrestrial theories cannot be scientifically proven, just like the existence of extraterrestrials cannot be scientifically proven. This means many elements of these theories are conjecture, so take it as such.

Many early texts describe superior beings living among humans. For example, the Bible mentions giants. Numerous texts describe gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, brownies, sprites, pixies and so many other magical creatures living among or near humans. Old cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics depict images that some interpret as superior beings visiting and even living among humans. Ultraterrestrial theories contest that these old tales were not entirely fiction, that they are based off of interactions between humans and at least one ultraterrestrial race.

Some people claim that all UFO experiences might actually be interactions with ultraterrestrials. It is interesting that we assume just because someone witnesses a being with superior technology and that looks different from us, that is must be from outer space. I suppose that comes from our assumption that we are the superior beings of our planet. The theories point out that UFO encounter stories share similarities with old stories about human interactions with faeries and other creatures of the like: missing time, baby abductions, creatures that are small and have large eyes and even beings with magical powers that include paralyzing a subject. Is there a connection? You tell me.

To me a particularly intriguing portion of the various ultraterrestrial theories involves the idea that these superior beings exist in dimensions we’re not fully aware of. We know through science that time and space make up a dimension we don’t fully understand, and that there are other dimensions we are only beginning to grasp exist. What are these other dimensions like? We don’t know. Does anything live in them? We’re not sure. Such beings as ghosts, shadow men and even the Mothman could be these ultraterrestrials that live in other dimensions. We see them as shadows, moth-like creatures or not at all because they’re partially or completely obscured in these other dimensions we cannot yet perceive. Some have even theorized this is why creatures such as Bigfoot and El Chupacabra can seemingly disappear, their tracks stopping suddenly in an open field like they’re dematerialized.

So in short an ultraterrestrial is an intelligent being that’s from Earth, instead of an intelligent being that’s from outer space. I guess we could start referring to them as UTs instead of ETs. What do you all think of this theory–does it seem plausible or is it completely whacked?


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