Skinwalker Ranch: Hoax or Paranormal Epicenter?

Recently there was a movie called Skinwalker Ranch. It was based loosely on the ranch known by the same name in eastern Utah. For many people it was the first time they heard of the location, but I’ve been aware of it for years now. Quite a few claims have been made about the ranch, many of which are difficult to believe.

A number of years ago, a family bought Sherman Ranch outside of Vernal, Utah and the Flaming Gorge area. The husband had a master’s degree in agronomy (or something very similar, if my memory serves me correctly) and so knew exactly what he was doing. The ranch house had heavy slide bolts on all the doors and windows, plus large chains on the front porch posts for securing very large, aggressive guard dogs.

It wasn’t too long after they moved in that strange things started happening. There was a wolf in the distance when the family was moving in, a thing that disturbed the husband since he was concerned about the safety of his cattle. To this day, there have been no confirmed sightings of wolves in Utah, despite their entering other states once more. The wolf had a tame look to it as it slowly approached the family, and it even let them pet it. Then it walked over to a corral and grabbed a calf in its jaws, trying to drag the animal off. In an effort to protect his livestock, the husband shot the wolf point-blank four times with a .357 Magnum. The wolf let go of the calf, but it sat on its haunches and stared at the husband, who retried a hunting rifle and shot the wolf two more times. The wolf then left, so the husband tracked it to see where it had come from. The footprints stopped after about a mile. The only sign left of the wolf was a hairy, large piece of skin.

Another wolf returned later, only it was much bigger. The wolf trapped the wife in her car, and to her horror she saw that its back was even with the bottom of the windows. After being trapped in the car for some time, the wolf left.

Other strange creatures showed up periodically. Everyone would fairly regularly see strange creates on two feet that looked like they stood about nine feet tall. Some have speculated the creatures are somehow related to Sasquatch, but since they have not been caught that is pure speculation. Another time a creature with red curly hair and that walked on all fours attacked a horse in a corral. When the husband went to kill the creature, it disappeared before his very eyes.

The worst reported creature on the ranch is something that is almost impossible to see, almost like it is wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. The creature roars like a bear and runs at lighting-fast speeds around the ranch, making it unpredictable.

The fun doesn’t stop there. A number of strange lights have been spotted in the sky above the ranch, plus strange glowing orbs have been seen floating above the ground, almost like ghost lights. Cattle were found mutilated dozens of times. Let’s just suffice it to say, the ranch was like a paranormal hot spot.

Robert Bigelow, the eccentric billionaire from Las Vegas, purchased the ranch from the family and used it as a kind of paranormal observation center. MUFON was involved in some of the investigations on the ranch, some of which are described in a book written by George Knapp. Supposedly, the ranch is under tight surveillance, considering kids routinely try to get on it to experience strange things. Reports from the ranch also claim that in the last few years the paranormal activity has all but ceased for a reason nobody understands.

Legend has it that the Ute tribe, which as a nearby reservation, will not set foot on the ranch and has not for generations. According to the stories I have not been able to confirm, the Utes believe the land is cursed. It’s not a huge stretch, considering there are similar areas in neighboring states.

Also of note is the fact that the Vernal area has generated a disproportionate number of UFO reports, far outstripping the rate in the rest of Utah and western Colorado. Theories abound for why this is, including that it’s all part of secret government test at the nearby army base.


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