Another Classic Horror Movie Is Getting Remade

Pennywise It

Plenty of people are complaining about all of the remakes, adaptations and sequels that are filling up movie theaters these days. I have to admit that I don’t share all of the same sentiments as those who automatically roll their eyes upon seeing an old movie recycled. After all, if the director and others do a good job, what’s the harm.

That’s the big problem, though, is that often these movies are just rehashed crap. There’s a rule in writing that you should never do a sequel or remake something, unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. Apparently some Hollywood producers didn’t get the memo, because they seem to think that “money” is what will drive a good plot.

For those of you who had the misfortune of watching the updated Carrie movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There was nothing compelling about the movie, even though good actors were cast and excellent special effects were deployed throughout. The whole movie was an empty shell as the plot just went through the motions.

The march of updated movies continues, including in the horror genre. A new version of It is coming, but the project has hit a few snags. Director Cary Fukunaga (from True Detective) has left the project, supposedly over financial and creative differences. One issue I can see for the film so far is that it’s going to be fleshed out into two parts. Again, the creative team will need a good reason to be doing that, and forgive me for being skeptical that they have such a thing.

Another classic horror movie that could be ruined with a remake is Nightmare on Elm Street. It will be a reboot. That seems like an ill-advised move since just in 2010 that really crappy Nightmare on Elm Street movie bombed out in theaters. Since the originally movie wowed audiences back in the 80s, people’s tastes and perceptions have changed considerably. That alone will need to be addressed, but again I’m skeptical it will.


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