31 Days of Halloween Day 4: Let the Right One In


Only 27 days until Halloween!

Throughout the month of October I’ll be posting once a day with something to get you into the Halloween spirit, including movie and book reviews, real haunted places, occult topics and more. Come back each day and join in the fun!


For today, I’m getting you in the mood for Halloween with a scary vampire movie review. Before I start, I have a confession: I’m not a huge vampire movies/books fan. That might sound shocking, considering that I write about all kinds of scary paranormal stuff. I don’t hate vampires, but I think the whole Twilight thing really burned me out on them. Actually, two of my most favorite X-Files episodes are about vampires, and so is one of my most favorite Stephen King books (more on that another day this month).

I’d heard that Let the Right One In was different, nothing like Twilight, so I was intrigued. For those who don’t know, it’s a Swedish film that’s based on a novel by a Swedish author. It’s definitely not Hollywood, which in my opinion makes the movie a breath of fresh air. You can watch it on Netflix right now. Be warned that it’s all in subtitles, which I prefer to bad English dubbing.


Without giving anything away, Let the Right One In is about a 12 year-old boy named Oskar. He’s a little odd (okay, he’s really weird) and as a result is bullied by some other kids at his school. Unfortunately, Oskar won’t stand up for himself, choosing instead to bottle up his rage and only act it out when he’s alone.

A girl moves in next door, named Eli. She’s weird too, but finds Oskar’s acting out how he would take revenge on his bullies interesting. It’s not a big shock, but Eli is a vampire, and yet she feels this connection with Oskar, who also becomes intrigued by her in a way he doesn’t expect. Thankfully this isn’t some Twilight vampire romance, because Oskar is very much playing with fire. The thing that kept me watching was I wanted to see if he would become one of Eli’s victims.


If you’re looking for a different and entertaining paranormal-themed movie for Halloween, Let the Right One is definitely worth watching. It actually will make you think and has an overall creepy feeling that unfortunately is missing in so many modern Hollywood horror flicks.

Have you checked out the American version, called Let Me In? I’ve yet to watch it, but it’s on my list.

Seen any good vampire movies lately?

Leave a comment below and join in the Halloween fun! We still have ­­­­­­27 more posts to go this month, so come back and see what else I have in store.


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