31 Days of Halloween Day 7: Salem’s Lot


Only 24 days until Halloween!

Throughout the month of October I’ll be posting once a day with something to get you into the Halloween spirit, including movie and book reviews, real haunted places, occult topics and more. Come back each day and join in the fun!


There are so many good horror novels out there, and it’s hard to recommend just one. Stephen King himself has written several that are worth checking out, including Salem’s Lot. It’s one of his early books and centers on a mythical town in Maine (of course) where vampires begin to descend.

I won’t bore you with details, but suffice it to say that many of the town’s occupants spend so much time telling themselves that nothing bad is happening that they become hapless victims of the undead. That really spoke to me, because I’ve known people who will talk themselves out of even entertaining that a situation is off in any way, simply because they can’t handle thinking about the possibility that something bad is in the works.

While I’m not a huge vampire fan, I did enjoy this “modern” view of how a vampire invasion would go off in a small New England town. King does an excellent job of portraying life before everything goes south, then how things slowly at first slide into oblivion.

Without ruining anything, King offers a tribute of sorts to the great H.P. Lovecraft toward the end of the book. It’s a nice touch and a nod in the direction of another writer who obviously had a heavy influence on King.

If you haven’t read Salem’s Lot, it’s definitely worth checking out. The book will definitely help you get into the mood for Halloween. I could say the same about The Shining or many other novels written by King, just in case vampires just aren’t your thing.

Have you read Salem’s Lot?

Have you seen the movie?

Do you have a favorite Stephen King novel?

Leave a comment below and join in the Halloween fun! We still have ­­­­­­24 more posts to go this month, so come back and see what else I have in store.


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