31 Days of Halloween Day 13: Scream Queens


Only 18 days until Halloween!

Throughout the month of October I’ll be posting once a day with something to get you into the Halloween spirit, including movie and book reviews, real haunted places, occult topics and more. Come back each day and join in the fun!

scream-queens-poster-pink-1024x885I’m a fan of American Horror Story but have never even had the desire to watch Glee, so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Fox’s new horror-comedy series Scream Queens all that much. The worst case scenario would have been that it sucked and I could’ve turned it off after a few minutes. Instead, I laughed my head off for the entire hour and thirty minutes of the pilot and have been watching it since.

One of the biggest things that I love about Scream Queens is that it pulls off what few others have accomplished: portraying a truly hilarious dark comedy. I have to admit I don’t like to watch most slasher films because the plots are usually thin, or they’re all about just grossing you out, and that’s just not my thing. This series pokes fun at a lot of the slasher (especially the sorority variety) and general horror film/television tropes, and it does so without taking itself too seriously.



The show starts off with a death in a sorority house 20 years in the past. In the present day, people start mysteriously dying in the house, and their bodies disappear. There’s a guy in a devil costume running around who’s the murderer, but it could be anyone. The various characters all have their baggage and quite of few could be capable of homicidal actions.


So far, the acting and script are superb. Emma Roberts once again excels at being cold and heartless, while Jamie Lee Curtis is surprisingly charming as Dean Munsch. The jokes are relevant, like the girl who texts back and forth with the killer who’s right in front of her, then tries calling for help on Facebook instead of dialing 911.

If you’re looking for a funny-scary way to celebrate the Halloween season, Scream Queens is a good way to do it.

Have you seen Scream Queens?

Are you an American Horror Story fan?

Know any other good Halloween-themed dark comedies?

Leave a comment below and join in the Halloween fun! We still have ­­­­­­18 more posts to go this month, so come back and see what else I have in store.


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