31 Days of Halloween Day 14: Bhangath, India


Only 17 days until Halloween!

Throughout the month of October I’ll be posting once a day with something to get you into the Halloween spirit, including movie and book reviews, real haunted places, occult topics and more. Come back each day and join in the fun!

Many believe that Bhangath is the most haunted area in all of India. These days, it seems like the term “most haunted” is thrown around an awful lot, but in this instance it isn’t just a cliche. In fact, supposedly the Archaeological Survey of India has actually banned people from going there between sunset and sunrise, which is when paranormal activity significantly increases.

Bhangath is situated about 300 kilometers away from the bustling city of Delhi. Instead of noisy, crowded streets and a thick haze of pollution, the old fort is overgrown with vegetation, with mostly tourists frequenting it.  The numerous Hindu temples sit as empty shells, having not been used since the 16th century.

Supposedly, people who in the past have tried to spend the night in Bhangath have never been seen again. Folk tales also claim that anyone who’s tried to build a home in the area has had the roof collapse soon after.

The natural thing is to question why Bhangath is haunted. According to legend, a holy man cursed the fort back when it was built, because the architects didn’t heed his warning to not make the buildings so tall that they would cast a shadow over his property. Another tale involves a wizard attempting to trick the princess of Bhangath into using a love potion, but he was foiled and so cursed the fort.

Do you know of any cursed areas?

Would you try to spend the night in Bhangath?

Leave a comment below and join in the Halloween fun! We still have ­­­­­­17 more posts to go this month, so come back and see what else I have in store.


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