31 Days of Halloween Day 31 – Thank You


Happy Halloween!

Throughout the month of October I’ve been posting about things to get you into the Halloween spirit, and now this is the final post of the month.

Traffic on my blog has been up, which isn’t unusual in October, but it’s been even busier than usual. That’s what happens when you post each day of the month. Thank you, all of you, for helping to make this 31 Days of Halloween celebration a success.

I’ve actually been wanting to do a Halloween bash on my blog for a few years, but it seemed like something always came up. While definitely not perfect, I’m happy with how my first celebration of the season turned out and am already coming up with plans to do it up even bigger next year.

31 Days ofCurrently, I have a lot of projects going on, including revamping my first novel, Shadow House. Keep up-to-date with my books and other projects by signing up for my all-new newsletter through the form on the sidebar. I personally hate spam because I receive a ton of emails each day, so I won’t be emailing you constantly. Doing newsletter is a good way to keep everyone in the loop when important events come up.

So let’s do this again next year and get ready for Halloween properly!

Leave a comment below and join in the Halloween fun! We still have ­­­­­­7 more posts to go this month, so come back and see what else I have in store.


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