Jessica Jones – The Regret-Filled Superhero

Netflix-Jessica-Jones-Teaser-Trailer-2I just finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. It reminded me of reading a truly great book, like when I read The Shining for the first time. I couldn’t get enough of it, and started watching while working out and whenever else I could justify it, fitting in twenty minutes here and there until I reached the final episode, then wished there was a second season to keep watching.

Let me start off by saying that what makes Jessica Jones so interesting is her flaws. She’s no Superman, hell she’s not even the arrogant tech genius Tony Stark. Jessica is her own person, one who is full of regrets.

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Retracing Steps

Shadow House new cover 2I’ve been embarking on a number of exciting changes recently, this new blog and website being part of it all. As some of you might already know, I’ve also been reworking my first novel, Shadow House, not only improving the book but also altering it to slot well with two sequels.

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Losing My Faith in the Paranormal

Welcome to my new blog and website! I’ve been planning to do this for some time, and so have finally taken the plunge. Many exciting new changes are coming in the near future, so keep coming back and I promise I won’t disappoint.

adobe structureOver the past several years I’ve experienced a crisis in faith, one that at times has made it difficult for me to continue writing about paranormal phenomena. This likely is a shocking revelation to some, given the reputation I’ve built up over the years, but it’s one I finally feel comfortable with showing.

I grew up Mormon, a religion I pursued to one degree or another all the way into my adulthood. I no longer follow the faith, a decision that certainly wasn’t easy to make. The reasons why are many and highly personal in nature, but let it suffice to say that for years and years I struggled to follow a pathway that felt so foreign and off to me.

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