I’m Not Dead

The rumors about me being an official dead author can cease, because they’re simply not true. For several years, I was consistently blogging at least once a week (at one point it was three times each week). This is my first post in four months, if my count’s correct.

Why the big break? Plenty of reasons, including personal turmoil, lots of work and the desire to concentrate of other projects more. I’m not saying this blog isn’t important, just that at the moment there are some other things that are higher on my priority list.

Don’t worry, I’ve been writing more than I have in a long time. I’ve had articles recently published in various magazines and on some big websites, and that’s been quite rewarding to experience. I’m a good portion of the way through giving my first book a complete overhaul, plus have a follow-up in my Gracie the Ghost Eater series in the works.

The way I approach my writing is always evolving. At this point, my big focus is on pacing and not stretching myself too thin. I time everything I do, because the old saying about money and time is absolutely true. More than ever, I’ve been applying accounting, economics, marketing and similar principles to my work. The result is amazing, while the effort can be exhausting.

On that note, I’ve pretty much run out of time for writing this post. I’d rather get some more books out the door, but later (not sure when) I’ll put together some quality blog posts.


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