Why I’m Proud of Gracie the Ghost Eater


My first book written for all ages, Gracie the Ghost Eater, was published in September of 2012. It hasn’t won any awards, nor has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for me. But, at this point in my life, I’d consider it one of my greatest accomplishments. In fact, I’m so proud of my work, I’m writing a follow-up novel.

While the concept for Gracie may seem odd to some people – after all, what kind of kid eats ghosts? – I think it resonates with younger readers. Think about it for a second: instead of the child being afraid of ghosts, she snacks on them, and they’re scared of her. That’s powerful, because it represents conquering your fears. It’s a lesson every child and adult needs to learn.

The first book also contains the lesson of following through and persevering on the toughest of tasks. As I’ve told kids that I coached in sports, as well as my own children, I don’t expect perfection. Instead, I expect effort. Don’t give up just because a task seems impossible. Keep climbing that hill, because you never know what mountains your efforts will move, even if it’s with some third-party intervention.

Gracie is tenacious, determined, and smart. She has a spunk I admire. Out of all the characters I’ve created up to this point, she’s one of my favorite. I’m not exactly sure when the next book will be ready for publication, but I’m excited to bring it to market. After six long years my approach to Gracie has shifted some, but the essence of the character remains unchanged. This new story comes with different lessons, additional characters, even more creativity, and taller tasks. Seeing Gracie struggle through the difficulties quite frankly is inspiring.

I haven’t been “maintaining” this blog like I used to. Instead, I’ve been managing my writing business, living life more fully, and bringing a greater balance to my work. I’ve also been assessing what I want to do with this blog, because the slant I had before just doesn’t hold my attention like before. That’s something I’m still feeling out, but I’m going to steal a few moments here and there to post on here more regularly.


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