Magic Is All Around


_Pushed to the edge of a cliff, the only thing you have left is to fly._ Steven SymesSeveral years ago, when I was living in Honduras, I wasn’t exactly loving the experience. About a month after I arrived in the country I came down with a serious case of cholera, which earned me a trip to the emergency room and a day afterward on IVs. I was incredibly weak for a week after that. 

Just after my recovery, Honduras was hit with the worst hurricane in recent history: Mitch. By some estimates, about 10,000 people were killed as the storm literally parked itself off the coast and battered at the country for days. The death and destruction I witnessed firsthand is something that will forever be etched into my memory.

Downtrodden and depressed, I wanted to go back to the States and be around familiar things. Then, I met a man who literally changed how I viewed everything. He seemed like an ordinary kind of person, yet his undying optimism and ability to see the good all around transformed my vision of Honduras, its people, and my circumstances in that moment.

Magic is all around us, if we care to see it. We’re often conditioned to not perceive these miracles, but instead are encouraged to focus on the negative, scary, and divisive topics. That doesn’t mean the good has fled. It’s just that focusing on the darkness makes it so much harder to spot the light.

It is a choice. All of us can choose to either hone in on the bad and find reasons why we can’t do what we need or want, or to focus on the good that’s everywhere and find a way to solve our problems – whatever they may be.

Having been on both sides, I can tell you there’s greater freedom when focusing on the positive and good. You’ll never feel as oppressed and downtrodden as when you only see the darkness.

I try to appreciate the little things as often as possible: how the light hits the mountains in the early evening, a fox running by the creek right outside my window, a stranger who pauses a moment longer to keep a door open for me, and so much more.

You’re always surrounded by magic. Open your eyes to see it – you’ll be amazed by what follows.


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