About Me


I’ve always loved telling stories, long before I could ever read or write. The paranormal, or things that are beyond our current comprehension, has also been a constant point of interest for me. Whether it’s ghost stories, superheroes, classic science fiction/fantasy, these sorts of tales intensely captivate my interest to the point that I enjoy writing them.

So far, I’ve published one novel for adults, called Shadow House, which I’m currently revamping to turn into the beginning of a trilogy. I also have written a children’s novel called Gracie the Ghost Eater, with a follow-up in the works.

For my “day job” I’m a writer that works with topics involving the automotive, tech and medical industries. I’ve found that writing about nonfiction topics actually keeps me more grounded and only serves to enrich my fiction writing skills.

If you think there’s a topic I should cover or have any other questions for me, send a message to stevesymes@gmail.com.


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