Captain Marvel Movie Review

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After almost a year-long hiatus, I’m back on the blog. Soon I’ll have a new schedule and approach, but for now I’m jumping back in with a review of the Captain Marvel movie.

I know, I know, I’m a white male writing a review of Captain Marvel. That’s apparently an incendiary action these days, but as a writer I’ve written about quite a few topics in ways which have made people squirm and even lash out. Good writing will challenge how you think, push you out of your ideological comfort zone, and get you to look at things from a different perspective. If I’m not doing that, I’m not doing my job.

To start, let me just say I’m a big fan of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Despite people running around trying to say otherwise, the character wasn’t changed or created for this new film. Yes, in the comics she’s ultra-powerful, at one point taking on an entire star fleet single-handedly and winning. But she’s also not perfect, and that’s one of the charming qualities she possesses. Continue reading “Captain Marvel Movie Review”


Magic Is All Around


_Pushed to the edge of a cliff, the only thing you have left is to fly._ Steven SymesSeveral years ago, when I was living in Honduras, I wasn’t exactly loving the experience. About a month after I arrived in the country I came down with a serious case of cholera, which earned me a trip to the emergency room and a day afterward on IVs. I was incredibly weak for a week after that.  Continue reading “Magic Is All Around”

What Makes Marvel’s Black Panther Great


Over the weekend I took my kids to see the new Black Panther movie. To be honest, I enjoy most superhero movies, but wasn’t expecting much from this one. Growing up, I was really into the X-Men and Batman, with the Avengers not really my kind of thing. My knowledge of Black Panther has been severely limited.

I walked out of the movie theater blown away. Yes, I saw all the rave reviews for the movie, but sometimes I don’t agree with critics. On this one I do: Black Panther is one of the greatest movies Marvel has made, and the reasons why were staggering to me.

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Happy Friday the 13th

I’ll keep this brief, but felt compelled to post on this momentous occasion. Not only is it Friday the 13th, it’s also my birthday. I was actually born on a Friday the 13th, so it’s a special connection for me.

Soon, I’m not sure exactly when yet, big changes will be coming to this blog and my writing career. You could say I’ve experienced an awakening, a resurgence. It feels great.

Like I said, this post is brief, but soon there will be more to enjoy.

Punched in the Gut

Coming into 2017 I had hopes it would be a better year. 2016 was tumultuous sea for several personal reasons. This was to be a respite, a resting period at worst, or a period of building improvement at best.

Apparently, those desires and reality have misaligned. So far, 2017 has been almost gut wrenching. The latest blow was finding out an old friend, one I spent many hours in my youth having deep conversations with as we stumbled through the inquisitive mishaps tied to our coming of age, died suddenly. It was a rare form of aggressive cancer, and he was diagnosed late, so only a few weeks passed before he took his last, faltering breath, slipping into the ether for which we are all headed.

Penni, you are missed.

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What I’d Tell My Younger Self

Don't let others limit you

Eight years ago, I started my journey as a professional writer. I won’t lie, it was a rough go. But I stuck with it. I stumbled, failed, muddled my way through, and eventually started to find a path.

I don’t feel like I’ve “arrived” – whatever that means. But I do feel like I’ve gained a certain amount of information or wisdom from hard experience. Sometimes in my flights of fancy I’ve thought about what I would tell newbie professional writer me that could’ve made the pathway less fraught with peril.

After I turn this topic over and over in my mind, realizing it will never help me but could help other writers, I’ve hammered out this list. My hope is it helps others to not fall into the same pits I did, and find a path to true success. Continue reading “What I’d Tell My Younger Self”